Customer Portal

InterAct’s 24/7 Technical Support Department offers help on software and/or hardware issues that any of our public safety customers might have. The Help Desk is made up of Software Engineers, Trainers and Hardware Engineers, who are ready to lend their expertise to resolving any possible problem. If an issue cannot be resolved over the phone, an On-Site Maintenance Technician will be dispatched from the nearest InterAct Maintenance Center.

InterAct’s Technical Support uses remote diagnostics tools to diagnose the problem and to correct any software related issues. Many Technical Support technicians have previously been or still are (on a part time basis) 9-1-1 Dispatchers.

We provide full support for all components provided by InterAct. All trouble reports are recorded and immediately assigned to the appropriate systems personnel. In the event on-line investigation is used, diagnostics can be performed and/or file and application software may be patched, replaced or reloaded.

Satisfaction Surveys

We conduct periodic end user surveys/questionnaires. The surveys help us measure our Technical Support performance and are also a good source for desired enhancements to our software modules.

Contacting Support

Customers can contact Technical Support by phone, via email, or through our online Customer Portal. We use our on-site maintenance technicians as a source of information for Technical Support. InterAct provides an extensive Preventive Maintenance Program that allows our technicians to request and receive feedback on how their system could be improved. We are dedicated to staying connected to the issues of concern or interest at all our customer sites, so that the Technical Support Employees will have an invaluable source of information on each customer.  If you need a login and password to access the InterAct911 Customer Care Portal, please send an email to (do not use this email for technical support requests).  See below for specific product support options.

Phone Support: 1-800-274-2911

InterAct Mobile Tech Support Email:

Support Portal:

RMS Support

Electronic Support Requests may be submitted directly from the application under the HELP tab.
Customers may purchase phone support with our Enhanced or Premium Support Offerings if desired. Enhanced phone support is available via 1-800-274-2911.

Application Links:

Online RMS – Production
Online RMS – Training (non-production system used for training new users)

InterAct Onsite

Electronic Support Requests are submitted directly from the application under the HELP tab.
Enhanced phone support is available via 248-782-6404.
Additional InterAct Onsite information is available here.

InterAct Enterprise RMS:

Login to Submit Electronic Support Requests
You must register to use the online support system. Once registration has been submitted, support staff will process the request. Upon approval, you will be sent an email containing the necessary online support access information.
Register Here.
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Software Downloads (premise installations only)

Enhanced phone support is available via 1-800-274-2911.

Application Links:

InterAct Enterprise RMS (Classic) – Native Mode (Troubleshooting Guide)

Additional Support Tools

Launch Live Assistance

Please use “Live Assistance” ONLY WHEN INSTRUCTED by an InterAct support staff technician.  If you use “Live Assistance” on your own, a technician will not be available to help you.  “Live Assistance” is a support tool that allows InterAct support technicians to view your screen.
Note: “Live Assistance” requires the Sun Java Plugin

File Upload/Download Utility